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"Invaluable! Sasha Knight is an insightful, sharp and thorough editor whose edits help strengthen my writing, keep the pacing crisp and engaging, while always protecting the heart of the story. I highly recommend Sasha to any author striving for a professional and polished book."


-  Jennifer Lyon, bestselling author of The Plus One Chronicles Series.

"What Sasha brings to the editing table is basically the perfect, impossible balance of scrutiny and respect.


She'll push you to use better words while also honing in on that section where you hoped no one would notice your plot dragged, pointing out the characterization which has all the right moves yet isn't quite as sparkly as it should be. But she'll point out these places needing improvement with care, with understanding, and above all with the full understanding only the author knows what is the best fix for the book.


She asks you to produce the best book you can--because she wants your readers to have the best book experience possible. In short, she helps her authors be better versions of themselves.


I've worked with scores of editors in my publishing career, and I stay with Sasha because she is quite simply the best editor I've ever worked with."


- Heidi Cullinan

"Five years ago Sasha fished me out of the slush pile at Samhain. My books are cleaner, the plots tighter and the pacing smoother since she became my editor. Not to mention she’s super responsive—so important!—and lightning fast. When I started self-publishing, I knew I wanted her guidance so that my books would continue to have the same high production quality that readers associate with my brand. I can’t imagine working with anyone else."
-Hailey Edwards, author of the Black Dog series

"There is no one better out there than Sasha.


I marvel at her keen eye every time we work together. She takes every book I've written and manages to help me craft a smoother, tighter and downright better book out of of it. She demands the best from her authors, and gives the best in return.


After 18 books together I simply can't imagine working with anyone who is as good an editor as Sasha is. She's a sheer delight to work with, and has made me a better writer during our five years working together. If you want your book to shine, then you want Sasha in your corner."


- Sierra Dean

"I once told Sasha she should consider every book I write to be implicitly, if not explicitly, dedicated to her, and I stand by that. Over the course of six years and a dozen books, she's consistently pushed me to produce only my best work, and she's turned me into a stronger, better author.


She's so responsive to her authors it borders on ludicrous (I believe I've clocked her fastest response time at under a minute), and she's the most straightforward and honest person you could hope to meet.


There's no one I trust more when it comes to craft, marketability, and general industry knowledge. Sasha would be a vital asset for any self-published author in any genre to have on their team.


I consider myself beyond lucky to have her on mine."


- Alisha Rai, author of the RT Reviewer's Choice Nominated Night Whispers

I would not be a full-time author if it weren’t for Sasha’s skills in editing.


She brings so much more to a manuscript than technical skills. She has a deep understanding of story, characterization and genre. She has an incredible eye for detail, is able to spot any author’s crutch words or attempts at short cuts, and suggests changes so the reader can make the deepest emotional connection with the text. She has spent her career immersed in many aspects of professional, commercial storytelling and that shows in what she brings to a manuscript as an editor.


She hones an author’s natural storytelling into the best possible book for readers, with clear suggestions and deep questions. Once you’ve worked with Sasha, you know just how valuable she is as an editor.


I’ve worked on Sasha for seventeen books, and hope to work with her on dozens more. 


- K.A. Mitchell, author of the Bad in Baltimore series, edited by Sasha Knight, over 55,000 copies sold

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